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PHENOSET® microspheres    Ablative Properties 

Ablative materials play a vital part in protecting critical structures from intense heat. They provide thermal protection via loss of mass. In other words, they act as a sacrificial material.

An ablative material will insulate a part by absorbing heat through ablation and decompose. When exposed to extreme heat, the material absorbs heat by increasing its internal temperature and changes its physical and chemical structure. The heat is then taken off the structure by a mass loss.

The Experiment

A wooden stick was chosen as the structure to be thermally protected. In this experiment the wooden stick was cast into a mould of dry PHENOSET® microspheres and burnt from one end of the mould.

The Findings



Wooden stick

Wooden stick burned while emitting flame and smoke. 

Burnt part turned to ash.

Wooden stick wrapped in a cushion of  PHENOSET® microspheres

The microspheres burned without flames, just glowed red and became ash. The wooden stick however was left untouched except for some soot.

microspheres glow,burn without flames Wooden stick is protected
Microspheres wrapped around the stick glow
burn without flames
Wooden stick inside is protected
microspheres act as a sacrificial media
  • Benefits of PHENOSET® microspheres

    ·         Burns with a glow with no smoke emission.

    ·         Act as a sacrificial media and burn off, protecting structure below it

    ·         Ablative – protect and insulate structures exposed to extreme thermal environment.

    ·         Lightweight

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