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why phenoset microspheres

PHENOSET® microspheres are unique hollow spheres utilised as a specialty functional filler, which can contribute and improve the performance of composites.

Why are PHENOSET® microspheres a specialty functional filler ?

  • Weight Reduction.
    The low density of PHENOSET® microspheres helps to reduce the weight of the finished product.

    Syntatic Foam Density
  • Machinability and Sandability.
    PHENOSET® microspheres have excellent compatibility with resins. When used in syntactic foams, PHENOSET® microspheres make it easy to machine with clean and precise edge cuts.
  • Superior compatability with resins.
    PHENOSET® microspheres can form excellent chemical bonds with organic base resins such as epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and others to produce a composite with very good physical properties. No coupling agents are required to achieve bonding of the PHENOSET® microspheres and resin matrix.
  • Improved Surface Properties.
    The inherent bonding of the spheres with the base resin prevents the filler from scarring or popping from the surface of the composite. Hence, PHENOSET® microspheres can contribute to the outstanding smoothness of composites.
  • Strength to Density Ratio.
    PHENOSET® microspheres, although lightweight, have comparatively high mechanical strength.
  • Improved Flowabilitiy.
    PHENOSET® microspheres, being spherical, roll easily over one another. This helps improve the flowability of the matrix to which they are added.
  • Low Viscosity for High Loading.
    The spherical shape of PHENOSET® microspheres gives lower resin viscosity when compared to equivalent loading of other irregular-shaped fillers.

    Syntatic Foam Density
  • Good FST properties
    PHENOSET® microspheres can char without emission of toxic fumes and with low emission of smoke. Used in aerospace applications, the PHENOSET® microspheres can contribute good FST properties as required.

  • Ablative property
    PHENOSET® microspheres, being phenolic and hollow in nature, acts as a sacrificial media to protect and insulate structures subjected to extreme thermal environment. They absorb heat, burn off without smoke and remove heat from the structure.

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